DCW Editions

DCW has a passion for just the right object! Timeless and resilient. This is the driving ideology behind DCW Editions and the products they produce. ‘Objects that are companions in daily life, reliable to use, honest, well designed and well made. Objects which are right, useful, beautiful and generous. Objects that you treat respectfully sometimes even with fondness. It is a way of living and thinking. DCW will therefore only produce objects with these qualities.
Fred Winkler and Philippe Cazer co-founded DCW Editions in 2008. Born from a shared passion for flea markets and an appreciation of the philosophies of the Japanese philosopher Yanagi Soetsu (1889-1961) and the mingei (folk craft) movement of late 1920 Japan.
‘If one of mankind’s ideals is to achieve the kingdom of beauty, then it is everyday objects which must be improved’.

They began by producing the work of the inventor Bernard-Albin Gras and his GRAS lamp. Much lauded at the time by Le Corbusier, the Gras lamp is the 20th Century’s first articulated lamp and the starting point for modern lighting. This collection expanded to the XL Outdoor collection in 2014.
Since then DCW have produced:
• Julien Porché’s Surpil chair: a study in elegance, light, chic, discreet and stackable.
• Mantis lamps was designed by Bernard Schottlander in 1951 a homage to Alexander Calder.
• Acrobates de GRAS, take their inspiration from the dual safety ropes used by circus acrobats allowing the shades to be hung in multiple ways.
• Here Comes the Sun was the product of a chance meeting between Bertrand Balas, the lamps designer, and DCW. The result is the re edit of his gorgeous pendant from 1970. While these pendants are superbly sculptural as objects, their real value becomes apparent when lit.

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In The Tube LightLa Lampe Gras WhiteHere Comes The Sun Pendant LightGras_typewriter